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This short video from Socialist Party members in the Southern and South East Region gives our view on the socialist measures needed now to ensure workers don't pay for Coronavirus and the capitalist crisis. ... See MoreSee Less

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Workers Stories In the Age of #Coronavirus

"Like many workplaces, university bosses have come under fire for their slow and inadequate response to the coronavirus crisis. In Southampton, all three campus trade unions wrote to the vice-chancellor outlining our concerns about insufficient information and advice, including on home working and pay for casual staff.

We pushed for an urgent meeting, but initially, they did not respond to our requests. Our union branch unanimously passed a motion, taking a position that there should be no financial disadvantage to any employee, regardless of contract type, as a result of the virus.

The University and College Union (UCU) has recently taken 14 days of strike action. Part of the 'four fights' dispute is over excessive workloads and the use of exploitative, casualised, hourly paid contracts. Both issues have the potential to be exacerbated by this crisis, with cancelled teaching and classes moved online.

As a postgraduate research student, all the work I do teaching undergraduate seminars is hourly paid. I have no guaranteed hours or access to sick pay.

University central communications announced on 13 March that the Easter term would be brought forward by a week, with all scheduled teaching the following week cancelled. We received no confirmation on where that would leave precariously employed staff like me.

The following Monday, I received an email from my hiring manager stating we would not be paid for cancelled teaching. In addition, students received an email stating all assessments would be conducted remotely, before the staff had been told or asked if this was possible!

As a result of the trade union and student union working together to put pressure on university management, the university has now confirmed that casual workers will be paid in full for any scheduled teaching cancelled anytime up until 19 April.

However, it should not have been so hard. I see trade unionists up and down the country putting forward ideas for continuing to operate in a way that is fair and safe for all. But at the same time, I see incompetent management giving outdated advice which puts people at risk, as well as policies entirely unworkable on the ground.

The battle continues within the higher education sector for the proper equipment to work from home, appropriate processes for those with caring responsibilities and other issues.

We also face widespread cuts and redundancies if overseas student numbers fall. But while we have much bigger battles ahead, our union has shown this week that if you fight you can win. Collectively we can push back against any attacks to working people as a result of this crisis!"

Bea Gardner, Southampton University and College Union (personal capacity)

#SocialistPlanning not #CapitalistChaos

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Great “Zoom” meeting with 27 comrades from across the region discussing the C19 crisis and it’s consequences, cheering for the NHS and planning how we can build the fight for the NHS, pay and protection for all workers and build support for socialist policies. This was a meeting of the key workers, in the NHS, schools, councils, civil service, industry and transport. We will rise to the challenge ahead and ensure The Socialist and Workers Charter get to those looking to fight ✊✊ ... See MoreSee Less

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Timeline PhotosTests, full pay and funding for all! Make big business pay the price not the workingclass #Coronavirus reveals #capitalism failings and the urgent need for a #socialist alternative. Join a Socialist Party meeting to discuss a socialist response via dial-in. Email join@socialist ... See MoreSee Less

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Coronavirus crisis: Tests, full pay and funding - for all now
🔴 Capitalist failings exposed
🔴 Socialist planning vital to protect the public

📰 Issue 1079 of the Socialist out now: essential reading for the fightback during the Covid-19 crisis
🚩 Unparalleled coverage - practical demands to fight for, socialist analysis of developments, real reports from workers on the front line - including...
✊ A workers’ charter to tackle coronavirus
🏦 State intervention shows what is possible
🦠 We need testing for all now
🏪 Supermarkets during the crisis
📢 Role of community organsing
😷 Social care in crisis
👩‍🔧 Workers and the coronavirus crisis
✊ Lessons of the poll tax struggle
☣️ Going viral - letters and comments
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"We've ppl from all over the world working at #HinkleyPoint. All getting on same busses, sharing same locker rooms & mixing together on site. Since Boris put UK on lockdown, we haven’t been addressed by anyone. Just told to go to work"
#ShutTheSites #PAYEveryworker

Solidarity @NHSuk workers who survived 10 years of @ConHome cuts & privatisation going beyond the call of duty to save lives hit by #coronavirus from @Socialist_party in #Kent #Brighton #Portsmouth #Southampton #Basingstoke #Reading #Bracknell #Staines #Oxford #Aylesbury 👏👏👏👏

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