Passing the council cuts test

Passing the council cuts test

Passing the council cuts test The editorial of the April edition of Socialism Today, No.217 The age of austerity has claimed its first failing local authority. In February the chief financial officer of Northamptonshire county council declared that it was at risk of...

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18 hours ago

Socialist Party Southern Region

Excellent rally last night. Speakers from Catalonia, the Basque Country, Spanish State, Ireland and Scotland. Raising the banner of socialism in Barcelona. Nice Libyan meal afterwards too. ... See MoreSee Less

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1 day ago

Socialist Party Southern Region

Regional delegates at the CWI School rally in Barcelona. ... See MoreSee Less

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We will be there 😎😎😎😎

Esquerra Revolucionària
📹 Míting internacionalista • Per la República catalana dels treballadors i el jovent!

La històrica jornada de l’1 d’Octubre del 2017 va marcar un punt d’inflexió en la política catalana i de l’Estat espanyol: més de dos milions de persones vam exercir el nostre legítim dret a l’autodeterminació derrotant l’ofensiva repressiva llançada des del PP i l’aparell neofranquista de l’Estat.

Des d'Esquerra Revolucionària, el Comitè per una Internacional dels Treballadors (CIT/SocialistWorld) i el Sindicat d'Estudiants Catalunya aixequem la bandera de la república socialista dels treballadors i els joves, i volem convidar-vos a totes i tots al Míting Internacionalista en defensa del mandat de l'1 d'Octubre del proper 17 de Juliol a les 18:30h a les Cotxeres de Sants de Barcelona.

Difon el vídeo i participa al Míting, us hi esperem!
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Socialist Students
The racist, sexist, and bigotted President Donald Trump will be visiting the UK on the 13th of July. Here are five reasons why you should walk out of your classrooms on the 13th of July to protest against his visit.
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Socialism is surging, as @Ocasio2018 landslide, NY primary victory shows! But how to win #MedicareForAll & other demands? By building working class movements or thru "pragmatic" deals w corporate politicians? We won #Fightfor15 in Seattle by fighting corporate politics! Thoughts?

International meeting of @socialist_world in #Barcelona discussing world capitalist crisis and struggle of working class and youth for #SocialistWorld #CWISummerSchool #Solidarity


Want to be part of a movement that wants to build a fairer city to end exploitation in the workplace. Are you receiving the pay you deserve. Are you disappointed to see the injustice and inequality creating divisions in the great city of Liverpool. If you want real change #JoinUs

Comrades we in the RMT who were attacked by fascist thugs yesterday were not victims .We defended ourselves very well beating off a larger group.We are not afraid and will be out next time in greater numbers to oppose them .No Pasaran !#RMTunion #Standuptoracism #UAF

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