Socialist Party Congress 2017

Socialist Party Congress 2017 reports The Socialist Party's national congress 2017 took place in London from 11 to 13 March, attended by delegates and visitors from Socialist Party branches all over England and Wales, as well as international guests. Delegates...
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Oxford bus drivers’ strike: Huge anger at bosses’ attacks

Over 4oo bus drivers at the Oxford Bus Company, owned by Go Ahead, have started strike action in a dispute over pay and attacks on terms and conditions. This is the first Oxford bus strike in 40 years and came to a head when management refused to pay agreed rates for...
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Obituary: John Pickett – 1954-2017

Alison Hill John Pickett, Socialist Party comrade and postal worker, has died very suddenly at the age of 63. I first met John in the early 1980s, just after he returned to Portsmouth after being at college in Stoke. He and his brother Chris played a vital role in...
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Southampton: Ripe for a fightback, no-cuts budget needed

Starved of cash by continued Tory funding cuts, Labour councils are facing another round of budget cuts. Local campaigners in Southampton have been horrified at the news that notorious privateer Capita has been under instructions from the Labour council to pressure...
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Unison Members Barely Earning the Living Wage in Some Universities

Unison member, Southampton As terms and conditions throughout the UK are being chipped away, incomes are tightening and security in the workplace is in jeopardy, Unison members voted in September to decide whether or not to strike over the 1.1% pay offer that was made...
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We had an excellent show of international solidarity today from supporters across the world. Here's a short video...

#Southampton stands with #Jobstown and the right to protest! It's not a crime! Poverty is! #JobstownNotGuilty

@tpflueger in Solidarität mit #JobstownNotGuilty für @dieLinke Protest ist kein Verbrechen! Stoppt die Repression gegen Aktivisten


#r4today Retirement age to be raised to 68 or 70. Despite incredible technological development this is all capitalism has to offer.

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