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2 weeks ago

Socialist Party Southern Region

Michelle Rodgers For RMT President
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3 weeks ago

Socialist Party Southern Region

An inspiring week in Barcelona at the CWI Summer School discussing the capitalist world crisis and the developing world revolution.

The movements of the working class that are knocking at the door in Mexico, the US and Iran show they will not accept the bankers bill and pay for austerity and capitalist crisis.

The CWI stands in solidarity with these struggles and has played a leading role in the Catalan revolt and the abortion rights victory in Ireland.

It was a week we rededicated ourselves to the struggle for a Socialist world and the battles ahead. We will give solidarity to our comrades in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong facing repression and we will build the global fight against billionaire Amazon boss Bezos to re-elect Seattle Socialist Councillor Kshama Sawant in 2019. Join us in fighting for a socialist world, the most urgent task facing us today.

Thanks to all the comrades who organised the school and our comrades from across the south who came. Come and hear all about it at our meetings over the weeks ahead and our CWI BBQs next weekend.
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Socialist Alternative (CWI) in Seattle sending a solidarity message to Amazon workers in the Spanish State from the CWI International School in Barcelona.

Izquierda Revolucionaria - El Militante
📹 #HuelgaAmazon | Los compañeros y compañeras de Socialist Alternative Seattle (CIT/ SocialistWorld en EEUU), quienes impulsaron la campaña #TaxAmazon (un impuesto municipal al gigante Amazon para resolver la brutal crisis de la vivienda que ahoga a miles de familias trabajadoras en Seattle), mandan todo su apoyo y su solidaridad con los trabajadores de Amazon en Lucha.

¡La defensa de unos puestos de trabajo dignos es la lucha de todos los oprimidos del mundo! Cómo expresan en el vídeo los compañeros: ¡vuestra lucha es nuestra lucha!
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4 weeks ago

Socialist Party Southern Region

Excellent rally last night. Speakers from Catalonia, the Basque Country, Spanish State, Ireland and Scotland. Raising the banner of socialism in Barcelona. Nice Libyan meal afterwards too. ... See MoreSee Less

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@RMTunion confirms further strike action goes ahead tomorrow on South Western Railway as company walks away from talks on Guard safety guarantee

"This was one of the most important demonstrations organized in Israel in recent years"

Birmingham Socialist Party and Young Socialists were out today supporting the Birmingham Home Care workers picket as they take strike action against their employer Birmingham City Council.
The Labour led...

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