Theatre: Rouse, Ye Women!

Theatre: Rouse, Ye Women!

Interview: breaking the chains of oppression  In 1910, women chainmakers in Cradley Heath, West Midlands went on strike. These heroic forerunners of today's gig economy workers forced the bosses to raise their pay. Cast and creatives from socialist theatre company...

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Socialist Party Southern Region

Excellent Regional Conference Today discussing perspectives and tasks for building socialism in Britain and internationally with comrades from Aylesbury, Basingstoke, Bracknell, Oxford, Reading and Southampton. Excellent Fighting Fund Appeal From Sue Atkins raised £856. Thanks to all who came, who spoke and contributed in the discussion. If you missed it come to hear Branch report backs next week. #StopCouncilCuts #StopSchoolCuts #HandsOffValentine #KickOutTories #KickOutBlairites #GeneralElectionNow #CorbynIn with socialist policies! ... See MoreSee Less

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#Algeria : 100,000s protest over puppet-figure President Boutefika running for office

Students of Sudan international university threw the exams papers on the air and fled the exams room to the street in a big protest:

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"The young people at Congress were aware that we live in a convulsive historical moment, marked by exemplary mobilization of the youth and the working class and, on the other hand, the savage response of a State inherited from the Franco regime"

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