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6 hours ago

Socialist Party Southern Region

Socialismo Revolucionário - CIT Portugal A CENTELHA | Já se encontra online a 16ª edição d'A Centelha, jornal do Socialismo Revolucionário

Nesta edição de Novembro/Dezembro falamos da ameaça da extrema-direita e de como combatê-la. Defendemos a importância de construir uma plataforma nacional anti-racista, assim como a necessidade de organizar a greve feminista de 8 de Março de 2019 em Portugal.

Analisamos também o Orçamento do Estado de 2019 e os perigos da esquerda aprovar austeridade, consequência da perspectiva de gestão do capitalismo, abrindo espaço para um futuro ascenso do populismo de extrema-direita.

No plano internacional, falamos da resistência no Brasil contra o que o novo presidente Bolsonaro representa. Da organização dos trabalhadores do Iémen e da continuação da luta pela auto-determinação na Catalunha.

Encomenda já a tua! #A_Centelha #CombaterAExtremaDireita #OE2019 #GreveFeminista8M2019

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21 hours ago

Socialist Party Southern Region

Three important demonstrations coming up against Tory cuts. Please make sure you're there and raising the demand for an immediate general election! ... See MoreSee Less

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2 days ago

Socialist Party Southern Region

May’s government is on the brink. This morning the resignations began. McVey and Raab were first out the door, along with a number of junior ministers. More could potentially follow them in the hours ahead. Coups, plots and leadership challenges are all being openly discussed.
The trade union and labour movement must intervene now. Corbyn and the unions must meet immediately to call and organise mass, emergency protest action to fight to kick out the Tory government and force a general election - a real ‘people’s vote’.
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4 days ago

Socialist Party Southern Region

A new issue of WASP's magazine Izwi Labasebenzi is published today!!

Articles include:
* The EFF at 5 years
* Mnangagwa’s Zimbabwe – business as usual?
* Cheryl Zondi’s Court Nightmare
* Israel/Palestine: eyewitness
* Is Ramaphosa’s stimulus package anything to celebrate?
* The South Point workers’ struggle
* Anniversary: France 1968: when workers were on the brink of taking power
Click link to read. Contact us to purchase a hard copy (R7)
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@RMTunion confirms further strike action goes ahead tomorrow on South Western Railway as company walks away from talks on Guard safety guarantee

"This was one of the most important demonstrations organized in Israel in recent years"

Birmingham Socialist Party and Young Socialists were out today supporting the Birmingham Home Care workers picket as they take strike action against their employer Birmingham City Council.
The Labour led...

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