Theatre: Rouse, Ye Women!

Theatre: Rouse, Ye Women!

Interview: breaking the chains of oppression  In 1910, women chainmakers in Cradley Heath, West Midlands went on strike. These heroic forerunners of today's gig economy workers forced the bosses to raise their pay. Cast and creatives from socialist theatre company...

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1 week ago

Socialist Party Southern Region

A historic day for the working class in Glasgow!

Unison and GMB Equal Pay strikers gathered outside the council City Chambers to celebrate the signing of the settlement for compensation up to 2018, totalling £500 million. Unison striker and Home Care Convenor Denise Philips told the gathering “We have been waiting twelve years for this fighting and struggling. We walked out (in October) on strike and here we are today in victory! Thank you to all who supported us.”

We spoke to Brian Smith, Unison Branch Secretary and Socialist Party Scotland member. “The deal that has been agreed represents a huge transfer of wealth to working class families in the city and as such represents a seminal victory for the workforce. A victory that would not have been achieved without the marvellous 48 hour strike last October.

“The deal will ensure our members are paid up to 31st March 2018 for the historic pay injustice they suffered. But this is only half the battle as now we need agreements on a new job evaluation scheme going forward.

“As a union we won't accept any attempts to lower wages and conditions for any worker. Or as the equal pay strikers have rightly described it, to 'rob Peter to pay Pauline.' It's vital that we keep our members organised and ready to fight for pay justice for all.

“The council are funding the deal by borrowing money from Barclay's bank. This will likely mean an annual mortgage payment of around £35 million a year. On no account should the costs of the equal pay agreement be taken from the jobs and services that working class people in Glasgow rely on.

“With Glasgow already facing a budget shortfall of £40 million this year, councillors need to set no cuts budgets and demand from Holyrood and Westminster the money Glasgow needs to end the underfunding of the city that has been going on for years.”
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2 weeks ago

Socialist Party Southern Region

Unite Scotland
We spoke with some of the workers at the Caley, and asked what it means to them that Glasgow support them and Rally Roon the Caley.

Please continue to sign the petition online :

Also contact your local MP & MSP, and tell them to support the campaign, and to keep that site open!
You can find their details at
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🌍¡La juventud se levanta contra el cambio climático! #Strike4Climate

En más de 200 ciudades de todo el mundo, ayer se celebraron huelgas estudiantiles y marchas espectaculares contra la catástrofe ecológica a la que nos aboca este sistema. #ClimateChange

We were out today around Birmingham building campaigns amongst local communities.
We were helping gather support for both the Birmingham Home Care and Bin strikers as well as pushing the need for a general...

NEWS: Protestors have gathered in #Southampton today to call for more to be done about climate change. #ExtinctionRebellion @XR_Southampton #YouthStrike4Climate

Solidarity with #SchoolsStrike4Climate
Who ordered Police to arrest protestors? This @Conservatives government fearful of a new generation opposed to destruction of planet & future by profit hungry 1% elite and capitalist system!

Aaron Bastani@AaronBastani

7 police officers to arrest a school child protesting climate change.

Even if no charges are brought the process is the punishment. The point is to inhibit mass, disruptive action.


Show your support for justice and back the fight for @TruthAboutZane A child killed by toxic fumes released by flooding from landfill site

Paul Couchman@PaulSurreySP

Today’s @SurreyAd @TruthAboutZane 2

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