Month: July 2012

Support Southampton Coxford Rebel Councillors’ KEITH MORRELL & DON THOMAS stand against cuts             SAVE OAKLANDS POOL        RESTORE COUNCIL WORKERS PAY          NO CUTS – NO PRIVATISATION – NO REDUNDANCIES PUBLIC MEETING  Friday 10th August at 7pm  Save Oakland’s Swimming Pool   Lordshill Church  Lordshill District Centre  Lordshill Save Oaklands Pool The stand taken […]
RMT demo against low pay at Condor Ferries, 21.7.12, photo Daz Procter ‘Pay up Condor, Condor pay up!’ It was to the sounds of the Pompey chimes that over 40 trade unionists and socialists gathered at Portsmouth ferry port on Saturdaymorning to protest against the exploitation of seafarers by Condor Ferries. The protest was the launch of a campaign […]
On strike to defend jobs On Thursday 19 July and 26 July Remploy workers across the country will be taking action to prevent the closure of 27 factories. The whole trade union movement should mobilise to support Remploy workers fighting to save the factories. Maria Miller “Remploy killer”, Tory Minister for Disabled People has announced […]
CWI Summer School 10/07/2012 Capitalist crisis and workers’ mass struggles take global dimensions Finghín Kelly, Socialist Party (CWI Ireland) This week, up to 400 people are attending the Committee for a Workers International (CWI) annual Summer School in Belgium, from all around Europe, including Russia, and also with visitors from Kazakhstan, Brazil, Canada, Quebec, Australia, […]
Defend jobs, pay and community services Fight all cuts – whoever makes them! The announced plan to close Oaklands Pool in Lordshill, Southampton has shocked and angered the local community, especially users of the pool. It is vital that this and other services are protected from cuts. Email Council Leader Richard Williams with your message […]
Scrap Welfare ‘Counter-Reform’! Ken Richie , Disabled activist and Southampton Socialist Party member I feel like I’ve lost everything – day services, home help and back to work support. I have severe sight impairment. For 12 years I was a regular user of the Sembal House Resource Centre, where I had a wide range of […]
Adele Guntrip, Hampshire Socialist Party, describes her experience. On Thursday 21 June I was a victim of the NatWest banking system crash. I woke up and went to get my tax credits that I rely on to feed my children – as we live hand to mouth, week to week – and discovered that I […]
Today we had good support for the strike, especially at Wingfield House which has been notified for closure, with about 80% supporting the action. Dave Hansford, Portsdown and Vectis Revenue and Customs Branch, PCS branch campaigns organiser and vice chair On 23 May we received notification of office closure, which would mean over 500 staff […]
It has been well documented that the National Health Service (NHS) is under attack and in England faces its total destruction through the Health and Social Care Act. But exactly what is happening, why and what can be done about it? Socialist Party health worker activists, including Terry Pearce of the Save Heatherwood Hospital campaign […]
Defending the rate for the job: Protest at Fawley Oil Refinery Staff going to work this morning (27 June 2012) at the Fawley Oil Refinery in Hampshire were delayed by a dozen members of Unite the Union supported by members of the National Shop Stewards Network and Southampton Socialist Party protesting outside gate No.2. The […]

Read this week's #NSSN bulletin no.566: Workers start 2022 on the picket line!

To all #TUSC supporters Best Wishes for 2022 - let’s see if together we can find hundreds of trades unionists, community campaigners and socialists to challenge austerity at the May local elections in the biggest and widest possible socialist unity.

2022 and Council Cuts continue
Defend public services
Defend Jobs and Pay
Stop Cuts and Privatisation
Join the fightback in #southampton to @SaveStMarysLC #SocialistSunday #StopCouncilCuts

@VenueHorse @Callowlands Park, Watford @watfordpalace with #theDanTiendance school. Really enjoyed it, thank you everyone. This weekend @VenueHorse is @DGArtsFest Annan & Stranraer from 1 pm.

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