I was sad to hear that Keith Morrell has resigned as Independent  “Putting People First” councillor for Coxford Ward. 

Keith and fellow councillors Don and Tammy Thomas, have consistently fought to maintain jobs and services in the face of the devastatingcuts.

Keith can be justly proud of his record on the City council – he made a difference and I have supported him as a friend and fellow campaigner for many years.  

Public Meeting: Monday 4 February, 7.30pm, Lordshill Community Centre

Lobby Southampton Council Budget Meeting

Wednesday 20 February, 1.30pm

Civic Centre, Southampton

I am involved in the “Southampton Fair Funding for Schools” campaign. We are calling on the Tory government to restore school funding and demanding Southampton Labour council uses its powers to protect school budgets here in Coxford from cuts which threaten the educational chances of our children.  

I call for Southampton Labour council to implement a no-cuts budget on February 20th, save Glenn Lee and Holcroft House, open Kentish Road 24/7, fully fund our schools  and fight for the restoration of the £136 million stolen by the Tory government since 2010 with the loss of 1,000 jobs.

We will be told that councillors must be responsible, I agree, but responsible to whom, the bankers, the government who are dismantling our local services?  Or responsible to the people who elect them, the vulnerable, the hard working, the poor – all of us in our community who rely on the  Council to protect our badly needed local services. 

That is why I am standing in the forthcoming Coxford By-Election to continue and build on the principled policies that Keith always stood for.

Yours sincerely,

Sue Atkins

Southampton Socialist Party