Greece comes to Southampton

Pete, Southampton Socialist Party

Southampton University saw 30-plus people cram into the Nuffield
Theatre on Thursday 7 June. Students, trade unionists and unemployed
people came to hear speeches from Nick Sakellaropoulos, fresh from the
struggles in Greece, and Josh Asker from Socialist Students.

The speeches were interspersed with videos from the Irish Socialist Party of their campaign for a ‘no’ vote in EU treaty referendum, making the meeting a truly international event!

Contributions from others in the room varied from raising points
about the trade union movement in Britain to asking what the collapse of
the euro would mean.

There was also a first hand account of how hard life has become in
Greece, including how young people will salvage what they can from
rubbish bins for food before burning the rest to keep warm.

Socialist Party members emphasised the need for solidarity with the
Greek working class and to build an international mass movement. Nearly
£50 was donated by attendees.