More cuts and another resignation in Southampton

We’ve had another busy week in Coxford, Southampton, delivering 6,000 copies of anti-cuts councillors Keith Morrell and Don Thomas’ newsletter, ‘Coxford Call’.

This month’s has highlighted news of the re-opening of Oaklands Pool and set the record straight on who fought to save it. Desperate to get rid of Keith, a critical voice of the Labour-controlled cuts council in Southampton, Labour leaflets have resorted to claiming Labour councillor for Coxford, Sally Spicer saved the pool. This ignores the blatant fact that she and every other Labour councillor voted to close it!
No wonder so many people have been enthusiastic in their determination to see Keith re-elected as someone who “does what he says”. Keith and Don have also highlighted the latest attack from theLabour council on council tennants with a 7% rise in rents.
Our recent canvassing has had to highlight yet more cuts to the area with news of attacks on Hampshire Fire Service. Keith reported: “I have contacted the FBU and given them my full support. We have worked together closely over a long time to protect the safety of our community and will continue to do so.”
As our campaign continues to grow in support, news of another Labour councillor resigning means one more TUSC candidate for the list in May!

16 April 2014

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