Save Oaklands Pool

Defend jobs, pay and community
all cuts – whoever makes them!

The announced plan to close Oaklands Pool in Lordshill, Southampton
has shocked and angered the local community, especially users of the pool. It
is vital that this and other services are protected from cuts.
Email Council Leader Richard Williams with your
message of protest to
The £60 000 for repairs is a small sum to find given
the cost of the facility overall and the value it provides to the local
community. It is only a reflection of the cost cutting to maintenance that such
work is necessary at all.
Oaklands Pool should be repaired and kept open as a
council facility.
Privatisation of Oaklands Pool
In fear of losing Oaklands Pool it
has been suggested that a private provider should be found to run it. Oaklands was
built and paid for with public money and is an asset that should not be given
Private companies offer to run
services not for the community but for profit. They do this by running down services,
putting up charges, cutting staff and their pay and conditions. Privatisation
is no solution.
need for cuts
The future of Oaklands Pool is
under threat because of the government cut to council funding in the city. The
ConDems are cutting 25% that the city receives up to 2014, with further cuts
But the cuts are not necessary or
inevitable, this is just a lie. The richest 1% have been caught out fiddling
their taxes to the tune of over £120 billion a year. More than enough to cover
the deficit.
ALL cuts
We have already suffered 2 years
of ConDem cuts, nationally and locally. Adult day care centres, youth centres,
the NHS, bus routes have all come under attack. We need to build a united
campaign against all cuts and fight for the services we need.
budget for Jobs & Housing
Currently 11 000 people are on
the housing waiting list in Southampton, over 6000 out of work. There is an
urgent need for the council to invest in job creation, providing affordable
housing and essential services for everyone.
with Council Unions
Council workers fought a
magnificent campaign with public support against the Tory cuts. This needs to
be built on to establish a united campaign of the community and council workers
to oppose all cuts.
councillors against ALL cuts
Whilst the Tories have been kicked
out of the council, the cuts continue, implemented this time by Labour. We urge
Coxford councillors to vote against cuts to Oaklands Pool and all cuts to
services in the city. We will give our full support to any councillor who takes
a stand.
But if Labour won’t fight the
cuts we must build an alternative and elect councillors who will fight for the
services and funding the city needs.
The Trade Unionists and Socialist Coalition stood anti-cuts candidates
across the city in May this year and won over 1200 votes.
If you want to see an end to the cuts, and the creation
of jobs, affordable housing, services for young and old, join the Socialist
Party and the campaign for an end to austerity!

Socialist Party’s programme includes:

cuts! For mass trade union-led struggle, involving all those suffering under
austerity, to stop all privatisation and attacks on jobs, services, pensions
and living standards

unemployment and poverty! Share out the work with no loss of pay. For a decent,
living rate of minimum wage, pension and benefits

a 50% levy on the hoarded billions of the super-rich to invest in public
services such as health, care and education and in manufacturing of socially
useful products and services

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