Southampton Labour Council swing Tory axe – again! Let’s fightback!

Are you fed up with broken promises?

Southampton needs councillors who will protect jobs and services!
Councillors who won’t vote for cuts!


rally speakers include:
••••• Rebel councillor
••••• Baker’s Union
••••• RMT Union
••••• Anti-Cuts campaigner

Southampton Labour Council have announced yet more savage cuts to jobs and services in the city. Half of the cities libraries are now under threat of closure, with the plan that in time we will be left with just central library. 
What a condemnation of the success of austerity in Britain, that libraries in the seventh richest country in the world are now a luxury we can’t afford! But what a pitiful response from Labour that they meekly carry out the Tories cuts and promise more to come after the elections.
Southampton Socialist Party supports the call of rebel councillor Keith Morrell to fightback, “There is a way to stop Southampton’s public services from closing down and to protect jobs. With a determined and imaginative campaign spearheaded by the City Council, trades unions and community groups we can succeed in winning back from the government the money stolen from us.” 

We have seen recent strikes in the city of NHS workers for the first time in thirty years as well as strikes in the civil service. Firefighters in the FBU are fighting for their jobs and the protection of services that save lives in our city. Council workers have voted to strike against the government pay freeze only to be held back by right wing pro-Labour union officials.
Community campaigns in the city have been victorious in forcing back the tide of cuts. The victory to re-open Oaklands Pool has been followed by the retreat of the NHS and council in carrying through the ‘temporary’ closure of the Bitterne walk In Centre.
These campaigns succeeded because the community mobilised alongside trade unionists and socialists to put pressure on the decision makers. This shows what can be done and must be done if libraries, social care and council jobs are to be protected.
If you agree come to the Southampton TUSC rally on Sunday 30 November. The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition was formed by the militant transport union, RMT and its late leader Bob Crow, socialists and anti-cuts activists to offer an electoral alternative to the Westminster austerity parties.
For more information visit the website
Southampton Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition stands for:

  • affordable public housing, no council rent increases, cap private sector rents
  • councillors who won’t vote for cuts
  • a united campaign of communities and the trade unions to oppose all cuts to jobs and services
  • restore council funding to 2010 levels and restore jobs and services

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2022 and Council Cuts continue
Defend public services
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